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Cutting-edge mobile technologies and services do not leave any branch untouched. We offer solutions with which you are constantly moving on the pulse of time. To give you an idea about our professional capabilities following we arranged a selection of reference projects. If you have questions about our projects or want to get in contact with us in order to discuss possible cooperation options you can reach us either at or +43 316 35 11 11 .

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Eine interaktive Reise durch die südsteirische Weinlandschaft

An interactive journey through the south Styrian wineries

“Experiencing Terroir” makes south Styrian vineries accessible to the public. The Joint project between the Styrian Landesweinbauverband and evolaris “experiencing terroir” is now being expanded with several exciting technological highlights.
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Mit der smarten Skibrille will evolaris den Wintersport revolutionieren

evolaris will revolutionize winter sports with “Smart Ski Goggles”

During the Ski World Championships 2013 in Schladming, evolaris conducted a field study with Oakley Airwave data goggles. Based on the positive feedback given by test persons, evolaris applied for the EU-research project “Experimedia – Innovate in New Media” and succeeded.
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evolaris und ams entwickeln Augmented-Reality-App

evolaris and ams develop augmented reality app

Together with its company partner ams AG evolaris developed an innovative augmented reality app for smartphones and tablets.
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