Digital Assistance

With “digital assistance systems” we describe innovative technologies and applications which support people in their day-to-day lives as well as while performing tasks, for instance in industrial environments, and at the same time bring major benefits, in particular regarding process optimisation or customer loyalty, for companies.

Within the research area “digital assistance systems“ we explore digital innovation in the industrial and commerce field. Main aim of our scientific programme is the development of innovative solutions and prototypical applications based on mobile devices and wearables (e.g. smart glasses), which will be broadly accepted by end users.

Based upon the analysis of trends and technologies we conceptualize new business models, develop innovative processes and systems and evaluate these in the course of pilot projects. Through the use of co-creation methods and tools, end users are involved in the process from early stage in order to ensure the sustainability of applications.

To continuously enhance our know-how concerning the meaningful usage of mobile technologies and services and to evaluate a wide range of digital assistance systems in a real environment, we realize our research projects in close collaboration with business companies and science partners.

Christian Kittl
Christian Kittl
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