evolaris and ams develop augmented reality app

10 October 2013

Together with its company partner ams AG evolaris developed an innovative augmented reality app for smartphones and tablets. The application aims to enrich printed circuit boards, which are used for demonstrating different functions, with additional digital information.

As soon as a smartphone camera is held over the circuit board, the application identifies the exact type of the board and offers several options to display additional information. By simply touching an icon, users can for example choose to see individual modules, printed circuit board layers or a visualisation of the magnetic field overlayed onto the live camera image to further explain the demo board. For such applications evolaris uses augmented reality technology with which real-time image recognition is possible even in difficult lighting conditions.

The ams augmented reality app can be used for sales activities as well as for training purposes. ams aims to provide its clients with the app together with the demo boards by default.

Gerald Binder