Digital Assistance Systems

Our digital assistance systems - EVOCALL & EVOASSIST - support your employees while performing complex tasks, hence optimizing processes and increasing efficiency. EVOCALL is a live video assistance solution for smart glasses, smartphones and tablets enabling experts to support working processes anytime, anywhere.  EVOASSIST is a foto- and video based knowledge management system for smart glasses and tablets, which allows easy and hands-free knowledge documentation while performing actual tasks. 
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EVOCALL: Live support for increased efficiency

EVOCALL is a remote assistance system for smart glasses, smartphones and tablets. Specialists can use live video and audio to guide the process, send important information, for example circuit diagrams, data sheets or checklists, directly to the mobile device and thereby provide location-independent support in real time. The entire support session can be recorded and used for training sessions. More information

EVOASSIST: Mobile knowledge management on the shopfloor

EVOASSIST is a mobile knowledge management system for smart glasses and tablets which allows experts to document knowledge as an image or video directly while working and to rapidly create visual instructions. Providing language-independent, inutitive instructions reduces time spent on repairs and training, at the same increasing efficiency in service, maintenance and production. More information