Haidlmair organises maintenance processes with digital assistance solution EVOCALL

05 July 2018

Haidlmair, based in Nussbach, Austria, produces metal shapes for beverage crates, warehouse and logistics boxes, pallets boxes, recycling bins, automotive components and large-scale industrial tools with a weight of up to 80 tons.

Due to the complexity of the modules, problems that appear during maintenance and service demands at the customer’s site, need to be resolved with support from the Haidlmair service team. Before using EVOCALL experts had to travel to Haidlmair’s customer which took precious time and resulted in sales losses because of production down-times.

Thanks to the live video and audio solution EVOCALL Haidlmair experts are now able to offer precise instructions to their customers on how to solve the incident and furthermore send information like e.g. circuit diagrammes, data sheets or checklists to the wearable device.

Before the introduction of the digital assistance system Haidlmair comprised response times of up to 24-36 hours. Thanks to EVOCALL this duration can be reduced to 30 minutes.

Additionally, Haidlmair customers highly benefit from recording the support sessions for training matters or video-instructions. As a result, incidents which have already occured can be easily resolved locally, without any additional help from Haidlmair experts.

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Markus Streibl