As a centre of excellence for mobile communication and innovation we at evolaris see ourselves to be building bridges between research and economy.

Current issues

Interactive Access to the Media Quarter Marx

Interaktive Zugänge zum Media Quarter Marx
In the course of the project “Interactive media- and technology location MQM”, funded by the Vienna Business Agency, evolaris in close collaboration with SAPIO developed a web application which enables visitors to experience an interactive journey and retrieve relevant information using their own mobile device.
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Pilot with SIGFOX network in Austria soon to be launched

Pilotprojekt mit SIGFOX Netzwerk in Österreich vor dem Start
Zeitgleich mit der URBAN FUTURE Global Conference von 18.-19. November in Graz starten evolaris, ORS comm und SIGFOX ein Pilotprojekt, dass Unternehmen in Österreich ermöglicht, neue Informationstechnologien gezielt im Kontext „Smart City“ sowie generelle Anwendungsfälle im Bereich Machine to Machine Kommunikation zu testen.
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Austrian mountain rescuers test data eyewear application during missions

Österreichische Bergretter testen Datenbrillen-Anwendung bei Einsätzen
In the last winter season evolaris had developed and tested "Smart Ski Goggles", a leisure application for data-ski goggles that provides winter sports enthusiasts with live information via mini display. Now it is about building up on the gained knowledge to put the usefulness of smart ski goggles to a further test – during mountain rescue missions.
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