As a centre of excellence for mobile communication and innovation we at evolaris see ourselves to be building bridges between research and economy.

Current issues

ecoGator wins European Sustainable Energy Award

ecoGator gewinnt europäischen Umweltpreis
The consumer application ecoGator just won this year’s European Sustainable Energy Award (EUSEW).
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ENVISION – Business Model Innovation for SMEs all across the EU

ENVISION – Business Model Innovation für KMUs in Europa
Main aim of the Horizon 2020 project "ENVISION" is to increase awareness of business model innovation and reach out to at least 10% of European SMEs.
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European research project focuses on the human component in Industry 4.0

EU-Forschungsprojekt: Der Mensch im Fokus von Industrie 4.0
evolaris is a project partner within "Facts4Workers" and contributes it's expertise in developing innovative HMI frontends based on wearables.
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