Smart Services: Efficiency and Flexibility through networked services

13 October 2015

The EU-funded research project “Arrowhead”, which is conducted in the course of the Artemis programme, aims to improve efficiency and flexibility through networked automation in the field of production, smart buildings and infrastructure, e-mobility and energy.

evolaris collaborates with a team of security-, software- and hardware experts in designing a smart service concept which shall be realised as a pilot for AVL List GmbH.

Mein objective of the pilot is to transmit operating hours and further operating data of measuring devices, which are located at production sites of various international clients, to a centralized backend in order to plan and analyse service assignments accordingly. Based on this automated procedure error sources as well as maintenance efforts shall be reduced. In addition to the technical concepts, security concepts, which are in line with the client’s expectations and frameworks, need to be developed and implemented.

Within the Arrowhead project evolaris takes responsibility for the selection and design of the transmission protocol, the implementation of security concepts and components on the server side as well as the conception and implementation of a dashboard to visualize the collected measure values.

For further information visit the Arrowhead project website.

Thomas Ebner