NFC bonus programme launched at the Shopping City Seiersberg

18 February 2015

Since the beginning of September visitors at the Shopping City Seiersberg have the possibility to collect valuable points and enjoy attractive advantages as “Friends of Seiersberg”. evolaris therefore has implemented an innovative customer loyalty system based on the radio technology NFC.

With the launch of the new bonus programme, four ‘Friends Kiosks’ have been installed at the shopping city. Via these terminals participants can print gift cards and take part in various raffles. Main aim is to make visits even more pleasant, especially for regular clients.

When registering for the bonus programme the participant receives a so called Friend Chip in the form of a plastic card or optionally as a key ring. Based on the radio technology NFC (near field communication) the Friend Chips can be used to sign in at the terminals by simply placing the chip on the reading field.

With each time signing in the participant collects points – the more points, the more vouchers can be printed directly at the terminal. Further points can be collected by inviting other people to join the bonus programme or by filling out online surveys.

Besides the stationary kiosks, mobile terminals can be used during events which also enable a log in using the Friend Chips.
Apart from the regular offers from which can be chosen when having collected a certain amount of points, every now and then participants receive surprise vouchers which can also be printed directly via the terminal.

In the course of a successful kick-off weekend the Shopping City Seiersberg was able to already welcome several thousand Friends of Seiersberg. In a next step the use of the programme via NFC ready smartphones will be examined and tested.

If you also want to become a Friend of Seiersberg please register here!

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