Playfully from A to B – innovating urban mobility

27 August 2014

Kick-off for “PlayMobi”, a project to change urban mobility behaviour in a playful and smart way, took place in June 2014. During the upcoming two years overall five Austrian companies are working together in developing an integrative game concept to promote diverse individual mobility options and to motivate end users to change to environmental friendly transportation.

The project „PlayMobi“ aims to promote inter- and multimodal mobility in the urban area by developing a playful framework with newest information and communication technologies (ICT) integrated. In the framework of the project an integrative game concept will be developed and evaluated based on the complementary integration of behaviour change models and scientific game models (gamification, serious games).

The main goal is to achieve a change in long-established behavioural patterns, demonstrate feasible alternatives and enforce an authentic gaming experience. Through the integration of modern ICT technologies target groups will be addressed in real life conditions and a bi-directional transfer between virtual and real game world will be additionally enhanced by offline-campaigns in urban space.

In order to achieve the objectives defined, the game concept as well as the development of a mobile application demonstrator will be designed within the evolaris Mobile Living Lab and thus as close as possible to the end-users needs.

“PlayMobi” is conducted by verkehrplus in close collaboration with Cows in Jackets, Donau-Universität Krems, evolaris next level and Mopius.

Peter Brandl