Future payment scenarios are determined by the customer himself!

02 June 2014

In the supermarket, at ticket offices and even in the taxi - contactless payment has definitely become a reality especially within the last year. Seen in international terms contactless payment via NFC (near field communication) is meanwhile possible in more than 50 countries and 1 million shops. Everything one has to do is to take out a bank card with integrated PayPass function, put the card in a distance of max. 4 cm above the payment terminal and the payment process is complete.

With NFC bank cards still not enough, mobile phones should also soon be turned into a mobile wallet. But, are these developments actually in costumers’ interest? Which standards will win through and how will processes have to be shaped in order to be accepted by end-users?

In close collaboration with Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark and Payment Services Austria (PSA) evolaris pursues these questions in the course of a so far unique technology acceptance study in Austria. In comparison to other scientific surveys in the field of mobile payment and mobile commerce which primarily focus the attitude towards mobile payment products themselves, the study carried out by evolaris clearly emphasises the actual acceptance of the solutions before, during and after the payment procedure. This way it will be possible to identify factors and situations which are crucial for further user behaviour.

Overall 70 test-persons will be sent into the shopping field in order to collect and share their experiences regarding two different mobile payment products. Products to be tested are the NFC Debit Card and the Maestro Mobile SIM Card which enables contactless payment transactions via mobile phones. Retail stores such as Kastner & Öhler and Gigasport as well as Sorger Brot, all located in Graz, will function as testing locations.

Main aim of the mobile payment trial conducted by evolaris is the evaluation of appropriate procedures and systems, relevant for the Austrian market as well as the achievement of sound conclusions regarding future payment processes and technologies to be supported.

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