An innovative route to product presentation

08 February 2013

By developing a digital catalogue for LEGERO, sales representatives now have the possibility to present their products in an innovative way without carrying countless sample shoes with them. The HTML-5 catalogue allows a realistic presentation and can be used on- as well as offline.

The Austrian company LEGERO is an international shoe company and produces 2.000 pairs of sample shoes each year. Until now, sales representatives had to bring along various shoe models on their international sales tours in order to present them in a physical way. Thus the presentation of all shoe models was impossible.

Therefore we developed a digital catalogue which enables sales representatives to have an up-to-date overview of available models, prices, delivery times and product details. Besides providing detailed information, all shoe samples are visualized in a 360-degree view. Additionally the catalogue supports product presentations with comprehensive filter options, displays current highlights & trends and enables sales representatives to create their individual memory lists.

All of the catalogue functionalities can be used online as well as offline. This enables sales representatives to present their products also in areas with no internet connection.

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