An interactive journey through the south Styrian wineries

10 June 2014

“Experiencing Terroir” makes south Styrian vineries accessible to the public. The Joint project between the Styrian Landesweinbauverband and evolaris “experiencing terroir” is now being expanded with several exciting technological highlights.

Through the employment of mobile technologies a total of 13 south Styrian wineries will enable their customers to retrieve information regarding winegrowing. Additionally guests will be invited on an interactive journey through their vineyards.

In order to implement this digital experience the partaking vineyards will be equipped with interactive, NFC-based IT devices in the form of so called “WinzerCubes” and “Magnum Bottles”. Furthermore a web-based “experiencing Terroir” application will be developed in order to provide detailed information about the vineyard and enables a routing process to make information regarding the wine trail available.

The tour through the vineyards will be the central element of this experience. Around the trail specific information will be made available at certain information points. This information will be provided in form of image, audio and video material. In case the guests do not want to consume the information right at the spot they have the possibility to save the information within the application on their smartphone or tablet. This feature enables the guests to easily retrieve the information at any other point in time later on.

The main objective of this project is to make vineyards accessible for guests and to provide relevant information using digital technologies in an innovative and to provide a consumable, experience-oriented and activity-based offer for visitors.

This project is realised with support from the Federal State and the European Union.

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Gert Breitfuß