Innovative feedback system for the public transport sector

11 December 2013

The tram arrived too late? Chewing gum on the bus seat? Commendable personnel? Feedback processes regarding the public transport section are mostly very complex and unsatisfying.

Public transport operators rarely receive feedback on how to optimize their services and passengers have no possibility to check if their requests are perceived. This should be changed by now: In the course of the project “Öffi-Feedback” an innovative feedback system for public transport is being developed and evaluated. A specific smartphone app and social media linkage will complement and support the conventional complaint management process of public transport operators.

In this regard evolaris is responsible to evaluate customer needs and to develop and implement an appropriate application for iOS and Android. A first prototype hast already been developed and presented throughout various events. Until the middle of the year 2014 two further development steps are set and an evaluation based on field-tests will be carried out.

The project is conducted under the lead of verkehrplus and in close collaboration with FH JOANNEUM, DI Gunther Lenz and the MVG – Mürztaler Verkehrs-Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Additional project information can be found on the project’s website "Öffi-Feedback".

Gerald Binder