Innovative Customer Service using Beacons & Smartphones

04 June 2015

Based on the “Beacons” technology and an individual app, customers receive optimal service during their customer journey.

 Within the collaborative research project two Hervis branches were equipped with so called Beacons. By using a corresponding app, which was designed and developed by evolaris for iOS and Android, messages automatically appear on a customers’ smartphones whenever they enter the transmission range of one of the beacons. However, customers first need to download the app and activate Bluetooth while in the store. This way the personal smartphone turns into a perfect shopping assistant. Via the app, exclusive promotions can be automatically rolled-out and customers can be encouraged to explore various sections of the store.

Based on the gamification approach, a mobile treasure hunt was included within the app. Thereby the customer is taken on an exciting journey through the store with the main goal to collect “badges” which are again activated by entering the transmission range of the beacons. If customers manage to collect all badges provided they will receive an exclusive voucher directly on their smartphone which can be used within one hour.

Additionally to the app we also developed a backend which allows simple maintenance. Hence, our client can easily change the content of the messages, create new vouchers and adapt the identification data of single beacons.  

The project was carried out between October 2014 and May 2015.

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