Monitor and control your heating system anywhere and anytime

05 July 2018

The Fröling Connect App enables customers to control and manage their heating system online anywhere and anytime. An overview of the facility status is available within seconds and state values of highest importance can easily and comfortably be adjusted. Furthermore customers can decide about which status signals they want to be informed (e.g. if the ashbox needs to be emptied). Thanks to push notifications heating downtimes, which can occure as a consequence of a disruption, can be avoided. Due to the great usability of the app, initial concerns regarding the self-management of heating systems are being minimized.

The Fröling Connect App comprises the following features:

  • Selection of heating programmes
  • Configuration of heating parameters
  • Confirming error messages
  • Contacting the service and support team
  • Push notifications
  • Overview of the facility status
  • Quick access
  • Filter, search and reporting functions


Have a look at the Android app

Have a look at the iOS App

Thomas Ebner