evolaris Mobile Business Radar

04 November 2013

With the Mobile Business Radar evolaris provides valuable information about the status quo regarding the use of mobile technologies and services within Austrian companies.

The study, which was conducted by Austria’s leading competence centre for mobile communication and innovation, evaluates use potentials and analyses trends which will be implemented within the next 12 months. In this context decision-makers from various branches of business have been interviewed about their experiences up to now and future development plans regarding the implementation of mobile technologies and services.

The surveys for the Mobile Business Radar were carried out through face-to-face and online interviews of 50 top-companies from the industry, commerce and IT/communications sector. Criteria for the selection were the size, international orientation as well as the technological orientation of the respective company. Data were collected about the current usage, future development trends and noticeable benefits that are drawn from the use of mobile technologies and services.

Further information about the study and a comprehensive representation of the results can be downloaded via the following link: MBR-Results

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