eSecMed – evolaris starts innovative project in the health sector

26 September 2013

Within the innovation project eSecMed evolaris, in cooperation with Infineon Technologies Austria and RCPE (Research Centre Pharmaceutical Engineering), conducts research for developing a virtual medicine cabinet. The aim is to reduce risks in drug administration and to limit the increasing number of counterfeit medications.

Elderly people, in particular, are affected by various risks in connection with taking medication. On the one side they are affected by harmful side effects due to taking several different medicines and on the other side they show lack of willingness in following therapy schedules.

One of the main objectives of eSecMed is the development of an innovative App to enhance patients’ health-related quality of life by ensuring a more autonomous life at home. Within its user-friendly technology information about various medical products will be provided, hence to increase patients’ acceptance and therapy commitment.

An additional application will enable the option to check the products authenticity. By implementing a wireless chip the course of the medication can be tracked from production to intake. Based on a function which coordinates the intake of medication according to medical prescription the development of a virtual medicine cabinet will reduce the occurrence of unwanted and harmful side-effects.

Gert Breitfuß