Innovative Community Platform for Vehicle Simulations in a Cloud

15 September 2015

A platform, on which students and experts in the field of vehicle technology can test and simulate different vehicle models based on the AVL CRUISE vehicle system simulation tool, was developed in the course of a collaborative project between AVL List GmbH and evolaris.

Single models are made available on the platform and can be adjusted and optimized depending on the user’s expectations and needs. Once the desired model is finalized, the simulation can be conducted directly via BlueCloud.

With the community features, which are offered by BlueCloud, results of the simulation and single models can be discussed and rated either within the community or the user’s personal network.

On a commercial level the software should be established as cross-cutting communication platform to exchange data and results within a unified development environment.

Based on the gamification approach, users achieve higher levels depending on their platform usage intensity. The higher the level one reaches, the more features e.g. running challenges, will be made available to the user.

In order to guarantee a unique user experience, the whole process, from conception to development, was accompanied by comprehensive usability tests in the iterative development process.

Thomas Ebner