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Video assistance at the push of a button: data glasses make maintenance easy

13 March 2018

In collaboration with EVOLARIS, Kapsch BusinessCom is now offering the digital assistance system EVOCALLThis unique development by EVOLARIS uses video and audio transmission to help service teams perform maintenance processes. Anywhere and in real time. For example at Haidlmair.

Vienna, 12. March, 2018 – Tools and molds for beverage crates, storage and logistics containers, pallets, pallet boxes, containers for valuables, and automotive parts – all this and more is produced at Haidlmair in the Austrian town of Nußbach. At some point further on in the production process, it’s certainly possible that one of HAIDLMAIR’s customers needs servicing or repair tasks done which can’t be completed in-house, so that an outside expert must come immediately and quickly. Otherwise the machines stand still. This costs valuable time and thus results in lost revenue.

This is now a thing of the past. The Graz-based company EVOLARIS, in which Kapsch BusinessCom is a stakeholder, developed the digital assistance system EVOCALL, and the Haidlmair International service team has recently started using it. “The possibility of setting up a live video transmission to involve a specialist who can guide and accompany the service processes saves valuable time and avoids high additional costs. This is why EVOCALL makes everyday work easier for our service team while also increasing the system availability and product quality,” explains Christian Eckhart, Manager of International Service at Haidlmair.

In this project, Kapsch BusinessCom supported the digital transformation process and supervised the introduction of EVOCALL with its services for maintenance processes. “Working with EVOLARIS, we were able to make Haidlmair an extensive range of offers based on innovative digitalization solutions and platforms. We implemented EVOCALL with nine data glasses of the model Head-Mounted Tablet HMT-1 from RealWear and Barcotec. The video remote-support solution now makes it possible to quickly and efficiently service Haidlmair’s customers,” says Jochen Borenich, Member of the Management Board of Kapsch BusinessCom, proudly about the successful project.

Before the solution was introduced, Haidlmair had a response time of 24–36 hours at most. EVOCALL made it possible to reduce this to 30 minutes. Specialists can guide the process via live video or audio and send important information such as switch plans, data sheets, and check lists directly to the data glasses. Furthermore, the entire support session can be recorded and used for training purposes or instructional videos based on real-work situations. This hands-on approach can thus also provide efficient training on the job.

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The Graz-based innovation center EVOLARIS focuses on the conception and development of digital assistance systems to optimize business processes and increase efficiency in production, maintenance, and service. EVOLARIS excels with standardized software systems combined with specifically developed solutions for mobile end devices and web applications. When designing these solutions, EVOLARIS involves users in the development process from the start, to ensure that their exacting demands for usability are met.


Kapsch BusinessCom, a Kapsch Group company, supports companies in taking their business performance to the next level and developing new business models. As a leading partner in digitalization, the company operates as a consultant, system supplier, and service provider. Kapsch BusinessCom is the ideal partner for keeping abreast of rapidly evolving digital technologies thanks to its widespread expertise in handling large quantities of data and matters of security, in addition to the valuable experience gained from successful implementation of a variety of use cases across numerous industries. The company’s comprehensive portfolio in Austria, Romania and the DACH region includes technology solutions for intelligent and – most importantly – secure ICT infrastructure along with smart building technology, media and security technology, and outsourcing services. Kapsch pursues a strategy of manufacturer independence, cooperates with leading global providers such as HPE, Cisco, and Microsoft, and participates in a wide network of research partners and industry-specific solution providers ranging from startups to major corporations.

Kapsch BusinessCom services more than 17,000 customers both locally and globally, including Allianz, Erste Bank, ÖBB, OMV, ORF, and Vodafone. In the fiscal year 2016/2017, Kapsch BusinessCom generated revenue of approximately EUR 320 million with its 1,200 employees.

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