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Pilot with SIGFOX network in Austria soon to be launched

13 November 2014

The pilot project initiated by evloaris, ORS comm and SIGFOX will start at the same time with the Urban Future Conference which takes place in Graz from 18-19 November. Aim of the pilot is to give companies the chance to evaluate innovative information technologies, especially applications within the field of machine to machine communication, in a smart city context.

Graz, 13.11.2014 – Based on the fact that more and more people are moving from the countryside to cities, in future urban supply processes need to be optimized and interlinked intelligently. The smart city concept, meaning the development of intelligent information- and communication systems in urban areas, is going to be essential in order to ensure a high quality of life for city residents.

As apparent as this necessity is the idea developed by the project initiators. In order to evaluate application scenarios for connected life services via an infrastructure which is conceptualized solely for communicating objects, the team relies on an ultra narrow band network developed by SIGFOX.

Applying sensors to objects in urban space enables them to raise their “voice”. From this moment on garbage containers can express a wish to be emptied, parking spaces can draw attention to themselves when they need costumers and a bike can shout “here” if it involuntarily changed its owner.

In the course of the Urban Future Conference the three project partners present prototypical applications and invite companies to develop own scenarios which can be evaluated within the upcoming six months.

“With this pilot we want to give companies a chance to evaluate innovative IoT use cases regarding their technical suitability and economic feasibility in a riskless manner”, Christian Adelsberger, Head of Business Development, evolaris.

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Pilotprojekt mit SIGFOX Netzwerk in Österreich vor dem Start