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evolaris exhibits showcases at the Austria Media Days 2013

04 October 2013

At this year’s Austria Media Days from September 24 to 26 at the Vienna City Hall evolaris in collaboration with the technology agency ZIT and the press- and information agency PID was hosting an exhibition stand of the city of Vienna.

In line with the motto “evolaris: experiencing the future of mobile communication” developments based on three different technologies were presented. Visitors had the opportunity to watch videos and surf the web using data-glasses made by Oakley and EPSON. In addition, the Viennese municipal department MA 41-Stadtvermessung provided a 3D-Model of the Urania which was interactivated through augmented reality and therefore was viewable from a low-flying airplane perspective on Smartphones and Tablet-PCs.

A third showcase which attracted the visitors’ attention were two evoCubes. With a large-size evoCube it was possible to gather information about services of the City of Vienna by scanning QR-Codes or by NFC interaction. Through NFC interaction with the smaller version of the evoCube one had the opportunity to download Open-Government Data (OGD) Apps, e.g. “Helios – Discover Art in Vienna” or to watch a video of the Content Award Vienna.

The mood surrounding was captured through a mobile feedback form which was also implemented with the evoCube. Visitors showed great interest in showcases demonstrated and enjoyed the opportunity to immerse in the world of future mobile communication technologies.

evolaris begeistert mit Showcases bei den Medientagen 2013