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evolaris presents data glass technologies at this year’s Vienna Science Festival

18 September 2013

In the course of this year’s Vienna Science Festival, which took place from 14th to 16th September 2013, around 40 exhibitors from the science, business and administration sector presented their current research projects on the subject “Smart City”. Thousands of children went out on a tour through the research and science territory and explored the world of technological innovations.

In cooperation with KNAPP AG evolaris presented new developments from the field of data glass technologies addressing, in particular, augmented reality applications. “Augmented reality” enriches or expands a real image with digital information. Hence, the workflow of e.g. service personnel can be facilitated by displaying instruction manuals, status indications or repair instructions directly through the data glass display while performing maintenance operations. “With this new form of data glasses electronic information regarding infrastructure can be used in order to improve and accelerate work processes”, said Gerald Binder, project manager of evolaris.

The young “researchers” showed strong interest in testing several functions of data glasses and had, in contrast to their adult companions, little fears of contact with this novel technology.

The technology agency of the city of Vienna (ZIT), which functioned as organizer of the science festival, summarised the event positively: “The main goal of attracting the general public to the area of research has come off perfectly. Research is a matter for all of us”, said Claus Hofer, CEO of ZIT.

evolaris präsentiert Datenbrillen-Technologien beim Wiener Forschungsfest 2013