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Event Tip Vienna: Open Innovation & Change: Empowerment to the People!

04 September 2017

The upcoming edition of the Corporate Culture Club is taking place on 19 September in Vienna. Embedded in an innovative setting, the main question will be, how analogue and digital spaces are able to inspire people and enable innovation?

Claudia Moro, Idea Lab Manager at Bene, will focus on „Creativity, Innovation & Space“. She follows up the question, which environment is ideal to support innovation processes effectively.

Daniela Glatz, HR responsible at EVOLARIS, switches from the analogue to the virtual space, when talking about „Open Innovation & Change: Empowerment to the People!“ , presenting innovative methods and tools to support change processes. Afterwards there will be time for drinks, snacks and exciting conversations.

If you want to take part in this ultimate event please register here!

Eventtipp Wien: Open Innovation & Change: Empowerment to the People!